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Open Source Code Launched March 6th, 2014

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NewYorkCoin (NYC) had a very similar beginning to it's older brother bitcoin in that the original developer of NewYorkCoin ( literally disappeared at launch. NYC is the only other true cryptocurrency besides Bitcoin that has an unknown developer that disappeared at launch, whose identity remains unknown to date and has never been heard from since launching coin. The original github account for NewYorkCoin has never been modified since creation. The original 'nycoin' code is open-source and viewable to the public at github code repository. NewYorkCoin (NYC) is a completely fair launch coin with no pre-mine or holdbacks, easy low difficulty mining and no network fees to send and receive lightning-fast instant transactions with 30-second confirmations.

New York Coin

Here is the full story of NYC
NewYorkCoin launched on March 6th, 2014. Original developer has never communicated with anyone (to my knowledge) since NewYorkCoin was launched with minimum fanfare. Original developer posted 1 tweet (, 2 facebook posts ( and 12 posts on bitcointalk forum ( in original "New York Coin LAUNCHED" Announcement forum (with last activity March 7th, 2014).

Bitcoin New York City

NYC was launched at a time when New York regulators were going hard after bitcoin startups and prosecuting the founder of Bit-Instant. NYC is one of the most usable and disruptive cryptocurrencies available offering users NO NETWORK FEES (tired of Bitcoin's high fees?), instant transactions with 30-second confirmations (using KGW which quickens that confirmation time as mining hash is increasing), very easy low difficulty mining, fair launch (all blocks are viewable on NYC explorer), scrypt proof-of-work. Early miners noticed these amazing specs as well and a worldwide group of NYC supporters have loyally kept the newyorkc network confirming transactions steadily for almost 4 years now.

Bitcoin Litecoin NYC

I created the website '' in early 2014 after no response from numerous original developer contact attempts, no updating to original website or social media accounts, no posts from dev on bitcointalk forum, NOTHING ever again from original NYC developer. I started a new facebook (NewYorkCoin) and twitter (NewYorkCoinNYC) page in 2014 for NewYorkCoin after originals stayed dormant with no activity. Another early NYC miner started Coinsprofit mining pool which was the original official mining pool for NewYorkCoin. The original website was never updated and stayed original until hosting expired in 2015. Eventually the domain name expired as well and re-entered domain registry. domain also expired and was re-registered by an unrelated party to NewYorkCoin. A worldwide group of dedicated miners have kept NYC's torch lit and the network processing NYC transactions every 30-seconds without fail since 2014.

NYC Coin     nycoin     NYC Bitcoin

A tiny cryptocurrency exchange (Coingather) listed NYC in 2016 and mined it as well. That exchange has since disappeared from existence with many NYC vanishing with them. The original NYC paper wallet website from 2014/2015 has since disappeared. All of the original mining pools that supported NYC have since disappeared. Likely THE VAST MAJORITY of NewYorkCoin listed as total "Circulating Supply" have disappeared as well. I would guess that LESS THAN 1/2 of "Circulating Supply" actually remain in existence today. IF that many. Files get deleted, computers get replaced, hard drives fail, passwords are forgotten, backup drives get lost or written over. Especially when a coin has a very large blockchain, requiring lots of storage space and absolutely no liquidity or value for YEARS. Or even a website from mid-2015 thru mid-2017. This has been the story of NYC for the past couple of years. I registered in the early summer of 2017 and rang the alarm for NYC supporters on bitcointalk and reddit. NYC miners and supporters quickly answered the call. NYC quickly had (8) network nodes, (3) mining pools and multiple block explorers synced.

NYC is and always will be ORIGINAL TRUE CRYPTOCURRENCY. Coinmarketcap listing, Github open-source code, block explorer, core wallets, proven blockchain and an unknown developer. THE REAL DEAL. An original cyrptocurrency representing THE FAST PACE of the financial capital of the world. Offering worldwide lightning-fast transactions with ABSOLUTELY NO FEES. Named after the one and only NYC. With it's lightning fast pace, NYC is just as usable in Berlin or Tokyo or San Francisco as it is in New York City!

NYC Litecoin


NYC is simply more usable than Bitcoin. NYC is over 20X faster to send/receive/confirm transactions. NYC is much cheaper to use than Bitcoin. NO FEES to use newyorkc network. NYC is anonymous, decentralized and has a proven blockchain - churning out transactions every 30 seconds since 2014 with minimum support. Up until the end of 2017 there appeared to have been a concerted effort to keep the price of NYC stuck in a nauseating holding pattern of $0.00003 - $0.00012. Never seeming to be able to gain any footing. Just up and down. Up and down. This bouncing could easily frustrate ANY INVESTOR. This appears to have been accomplished by creating "sell walls" using sub-markets. NYC/USD and NYC/ETH was sold starting at $0.000025 while at the same time the primary market NYC/BTC was sold starting at one satoshi ($0.00012 as of this writing). The people buying in the NYC/BTC market every day pushes up the AVERAGE price (which is price reported by coinmarketcap everywhere) and shows NYC yo-yo'ing back and forth between low submarket price $0.00003 (sub-satoshi) and high primary market price $0.00012 (one satoshi). Why would there be sellers stacking NYC and selling against ETH and USD and DOGE at $0.00003-ish when buyers were willing to pay (and paying every day) a full satoshi which was 400% higher? THIS DIFFERENCE WAS 700% LOWER/HIGHER A FEW MONTHS EARLIER. It seems to have been done to FRUSTRATE SUPPORTERS. And hope investors will get frustrated enough to walk away and forget one of the most usable (and disruptive) cryptocurrencies in existence.

NYC received a beautiful Christmas present and had its first ever trading day over $150,000 USD on December 25th, 2017. On January 5th, 2018 all sub-satoshi NYC were completely eliminated from the market and replaced by NYC priced above 1 satoshi for the 1st time in NYC history. FINALLY clearing out the NYC 1 satoshi "sell wall". This historic event for NYC was celebrated and within 24 hours NYC traded for 3 satoshis and STARTED CLIMBING THE SATOSHI LADDER. NYC trading volume absolutely exploded on January 6th hitting $2,000,000 USD (24 hrs). Within the next 24 hrs NYC quickly soared to 7 satoshi on just over $4,000,000 trading volume and has since settled in the 2 satoshi range. Taking a short breather and getting ready for the next leg up.


Coinomi (#1 altcoin wallet for several years) is adding NYC to their robust mobile platform in their next update. That in itself will introduce NewYorkCoin for the very first time to hundreds of thousands of Tier 1 crypto users, investors and enthusiasts. I think they will really like what they see. Coinomi devs have added NYC to Electrum X which enables NYC to be implemented onto ATM's (any ATM manufacturer supporting scrypt altcoins).

NYC New York Coin

NYC ATM's will be sitting right next to BITCOIN ATM's in NEW YORK CITY (all 5 boroughs) in 2018. This will enable VERY SIMPLE, VERY CONVENIENT access to NYC in the City of roughly 10,000,000 people (GDP $1.25 TRILLION) that bears its name. And the 60,000,000+ visitors annually.

THE NEW YORK COIN CENTER will open in Manhattan this year. THE NEW YORK COIN CENTER will be an informational center and gallery chronicling the history and benefits of NYC, raising awareness of cryptocurrencies in general and educating the public of the numerous benefits of using digital currencies. An NYC ATM, BTC ATM and a small clothing boutique are also planned to help offset rent and payroll. The "coziest" of spaces demand rents of $10,000+ per month in lower Manhattan. But it will be well worth the cost. For NYC awareness, usage and proliferation as well as cryptocurrency awareness and education in general.

Don't forget, NYC is a usable cryptocurrency.



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Block rewards for mining NewYorkCoin are 10,000 NYC every 30 seconds for lifetime of coin.

Total NYC mined since March 6th, 2014 is approx 132 Billion NYC Block Explorer



NewYorkCoin enables free worldwide remittances. There are no fees to send or receive funds worldwide using the NYC network.


NYC confirmations are 20X faster than Bitcoin and 5X faster than Litecoin. NewYorkCoin is usable at the retail level worldwide. NYC is ideal for time-sensitive daily consumer transactions.


New York Coin code is completely open-source and published at Github code repository since launching March 6th, 2014. Fair launch, no pre-mine, true cryptocurrency with block explorer.

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